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The museum features a variety of displays which change with the seasons and the holidays.
Now Available Dr. Meux Autobiography
Please donate $10 and receive a copy of the Dr. Meux autobiography.
February, March Victorian Children
April Enjoy christening dresses, gowns and cribs with price tags showing costs from the 1890's.
May Children's Day
Maypole, child figures and baskets.  Patriotic bunting will be up by the 3rd week of May for Memorial Day.
Mother's Day Tea
Held the Saturday in May before Mother's Day.  This year's details TBA.  $35.00 donation for preservation/restoration.  Includes a tour of the Meux Home.  You may reserve your ticket early:
June, July Up a Lazy River
August Summer dinner in the dining room (fried chicken, watermelon and more).  Canning or making ice cream in the kitchen.
September, Oct November Fall Festivities
November Masquerade party, masks, fall menu in the dining room. Thanksgiving Dinner.

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