Without effective interpretation, neither an informed nor a pleased visitor will result. These are important factors for future revenues and the continued operation of the museum.

Desirable Qualities for Museum Docent/Tour Guides:

  • Background knowledge

    General knowledge of the Victorian period is extremely helpful. The docent training classes, recommended reading lists, and periodic newsletters should cover the necessary information.
  • Speech

    An informal, relaxed interpretation with no rote speeches, free from colloquialisms and delivered by a docent who enjoys working with the public and the atmosphere of the museum.
  • Attitude

    The Meux Home Museum will endeavor to present a warm, hospitable, home-like personality. Our docents can add to this by considering the visiting public as their personal guests.
  • Personal appearance

    Well-groomed, conformable appearance, as if you were expecting good friends over for the evening. Anything suitable for work is appropriate. Period costume is preferred.
  • Professional attitude

    Our docents represent the museum to the public, and in that sense you are a professional tour guide. Some of the points that will maintain this "professional" quality are:

    1. Keep up with the latest information.
    2. Have a concern for the welfare of the organization and the operation.
    3. Realize that the museum has a right to expect a quality performance and the fact that we are concerned with our public image.
    4. Represent the museum to the public.
    5. Personal opinions on controversial subjects are not the function of a public facility nor its representatives.
    6. Emotional maturity and the ability to work with groups.
    7. Exhibit good taste in your choice of language and anecdotes.
    8. Show good sense in enforcing house rules.